February 2, 2020

My husband and I were fortunate to have latched on to the dream team! Royce and Stephen provided a well-organized process that included a thoughtful and comprehensive site visit that significantly reduced the scope of the work that we had anticipated. Scheduling was prompt. We had the pleasure to collaborate with a team of well-informed and experienced staff who were communicative, efficient, courteous, and savvy. They thoughtfully pruned trees to open our view while preserving the aesthetic of our landscape and the integrity of our mountain community. Royce had diagnosed two trees that were diseased and was on hand to swiftly and uneventfully remove them. Royce’s goal is not to simply prune and remove trees. Royce is also on a mission to educate and provide best practices for the management of trees, etc. that’s evident through the resources that he provides for us on his website. We are looking forward to collaborating again with Royce, Stephen, and the rest of the gang! Kudos to you all and thanks!