Royce’s Tree Service (RTS) offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the client’s needs, including, but not limited to:

Plant Health Care (PHC)

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Complex Removals

  • The primary factors that contribute to the difficulty (and thus the cost) of the removal are the tree’s size, location, current condition, and required level of disposal
  • Having removed hundreds of difficult trees during his tenure at the 8000-acre Biltmore Estate, Royce ensures that RTS adheres to the highest industry standards for a safe removal


Many different types of tree pruning exist. RTS uses the most current ISA-approved techniques to achieve your pruning goals – whatever they may be – topping not included.

  • Cleaning – the selective removal of dead, diseased, decayed, hanging, rubbing, and/or low-vigor branches; primarily limited to medium-aged and/or mature trees
  • Thinning – the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and/or air movement through the canopy; limited to the canopy margins
  • Raising – the selective removal of lower branches to provide vertical clearance for structures, vehicles, pedestrians, and/or vistas
  • Reduction – the selective removal of branches to decrease the overall height and/or spread of the canopy
  • Structural – properly develops branch/trunk architecture to increase longevity and decrease structural failure rates; uses a combination of techniques and requires a multi-year approach
  • Restorative – corrects prior misguided pruning efforts and/or unplanned catastrophic damage; uses a combination of techniques and typically requires a multi-year approach

Tree Risk Assessments

Supplemental Support Systems

  • A “risky” tree or limb does not always have to be removed, and a number of options exist to help stabilize a suspect specimen
  • When applicable, RTS favors the use of the Cobra® cabling system due to its many advantages
  • More info on supplemental support systems may be found here


Stump Grinding

  • Specialized machinery converts the stump to an eco-friendly mulch
  • Prevents tree regrowth, eliminates a breeding area for pests, and improves landscape aesthetics

Land Clearing/Forestry Mulching

  • An eco-friendly process whereby unwanted biomass is ground into mulch on site and in place by mobile machinery with a specialized mulching head
  • The right tool for sustainable land management and far superior to traditional land clearing methods
  • Check out the machine in action and the dramatic difference before and after!
  • Typical applications: lot/land clearing, underbrush removal, pasture creation/restoration, wildfire fuel reduction, food plot preparation, and more


  • Planting (or transplanting) a tree is a long-term investment
  • Nursery stock is expensive and newly planted trees often fail (or struggle) due to improper practices
  • Long-term success and low maintenance requirements demand that certain standards are meticulously followed

Root Barrier Installation

  • Growing roots can exert tremendous pressure leading to damaged hardscapes, underground utilities, and/or foundations
  • RTS offers both high-strength plastic panels and chemically-treated geotextiles
  • May be installed during construction and/or post-construction (in most instances)

Crane-assisted Removals

  • Sometimes the only way to safely and effectively remove a tree is with a crane
  • RTS has removed many trees using this approach and has established working relationships with several local crane companies

Lightning Protection Systems

  • Trees are particularly susceptible to lightning strikes since they are often the tallest objects in the landscape
  • Lightning (via resistance heating) converts the water in a tree’s tissues to explosive steam, leading to a loss of biological function and/or structural integrity
  • By providing an alternate path for the lightning strike, electricity is conducted into the ground directly via copper cable, leaving your tree unscathed


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