February 27, 2017

Royce and his crew took down a tree for us on Feb. 20. We couldn’t be more pleased. Access was through the property of two different neighbors, yikes! We were worried because the last tree we had taken down (by a different tree service) ruined the yard of a different neighbor and badly damaged another tree. Royce assured us that there would be little to no damage. He even went and met with both of the neighbors to go over the plan. He and the crew showed up on time. They put down mats to protect the neighbor’s yard. And, the tree was down in about 1/2 a day. The crew picked up every last stick and twig. If the tree wasn’t missing, you’d never know they set foot in the yards. Not a blade of grass out of place. Like tree ninjas. Royce was so nice and accommodating and very responsive to phone calls and texts. The next tree that needs removed . . . and there will be others, he’s our guy. Thanks!